1. What happened to the Visiting Nurse Association Foundation?

In 2003, the Board of Directors of the Visiting Nurse Association Foundation changed the Foundation’s name to the Ozarks Health Advocacy Foundation. The Board feels the new name better reflects the broadened scope and vision of the Foundation.

2. Have the application deadlines changed?

No, the deadlines are still the same. Concept letters are due in March for a July grant award and in September for a February grant award. Please see the Timeline / Deadlines section for the current deadlines.

3. Has the grant criteria changed?

The grant criteria is basically the same as in the past. Emphasis is placed upon projects which exhibit collaboration with other organizations, vision, and understanding of the needs identified in the 2004 Community Report Card. For details of specific application criteria, please review the Grant Application.  We prefer to supplement programs and not fund salaries and administrative costs if at all possible.

4. If we have received a grant from the Foundation, can we apply again?

Organizations are not eligible to apply for grants in two consecutives cycles. If you did not receive funds in the prior cycle, you are eligible for the current cycle. If your organization has several programs, each operating within their respective budgets, only the individual programs have to comply with this requirement. If you are not certain if you are eligible, please contact our office for guidance.

5. When can I submit a grant application?

Grant applications are only submitted following the Foundation’s request. Concept letters may be sent in during the submittal period for the current cycle. Please see the Timeline/Deadlines section for information regarding current and upcoming deadlines.

6. Is there a maximum grant amount I can request?

The Foundation does not currently impose a minimum or maximum restriction. However, you should submit your request as appropriate for the project you are seeking to fund and take into consideration your operational budget and other sources of income for your project. OHAF will take into consideration your prior use of grant funds and the Foundation’s other funding obligations.  The average grant amount is $4,400.

7. How many copies of the Concept Letter should I submit?

You should only submit one copy of your Concept Letter.

8. How many copies of the Application should I submit?

You should submit 1 original and 15 copies of the application with your agency mission statement and list of Board Members attached to each copy.  You need to submit 2 copies of  your 501 (c)(3), most recent form 990 tax return, current income statement and balance sheet and your most recent audit. If a recent audit report is unavailable, please indicate why. An audit waiver must be approved by the OHAF board of directors.

9. If our application was approved, when will we receive the funds?

You will receive your funds at the press conference for your grant round cycle. We hold two press conferences per year – one in July and one in February. Your approval letter will detail the date, time, and location of the grant distributions.

10. If our concept letter or grant application was denied, can we reapply?

Yes, you can reapply. Although we are not able to fund every project, we encourage you to seek our assistance again. You are eligible to submit a concept letter during the next cycle.

11. When I call 885-9155, I get an answering service. Is this the right number?

Yes, this is the correct phone number. OHAF is a volunteer based Foundation and all Board and Committee members serve the Foundation with love and dedication to the betterment of our community. As the Foundation has grown over the years, the Board initiated a “virtual office” utilizing a post office box and answering service and employed ITI Financial Management to provide grant and administrative support. All telephone calls to 885-9155 are forwarded to Marla Witthar at ITI Financial Management via email for a response. You may contact Marla directly at 417-889-2550 or 877-889-2660. If she is unable to assist you, she will contact the Board or Committee for guidance.